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Elegance in its purest form fitted into 5x10 inches, like only a pochette would do. The ‘baguette’, as it’s also commonly referred to, was designed after close to antique, 18th century precedents of it. Ever since it was finally accepted as appropriate evening wear in the 30s, top designers like Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent have created iconic styles worn by style icons of the past and present such as Audrey Hepburn and Sarah Jessica Parker. With its flat design and fine shoulder strap it is no wonder that the pochette is such a coveted item among fashionistas, given that it presents the perfect mix between a clutch and a shoulder bag, only slightly smaller in size. Owning a pochette is absolutely essential for putting together the perfect occasion wear as its non-distracting and elegant design go so smoothly with a fancy dress or custom suit. Prove your sense of style and experience the power of the pochette yourself!

Wear a pochette, feel like a princess! Shop the royal bags online at Fashionette

Evening bags belong to the top of the list of absolute must-have bags a fashionista must own. It’s for that reason that our favorite designer brands offer models in many different version, some classic, some a picking up the latest trends. Gucci, Prada and Dolce&Gabbana are only a few of the brands that design phenomenal styles to match your evening attire and thus offer a versatile selection of baguettes. The compact bags include a comfortable carrying option, a sleek and stylish look and still offer enough storage space to fit your most important items on a big night out. Wallet, smartphone and make-up items stay right with you while you‘re enjoying the first appetizers without having to hold your bag. Expand you bag collection and adopt this practical and posh item with just one click – online at Fashionette.